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This Sunday the 3rd will be the end of the Paleo Challenge!!  I want to congratulate everyone for making the commitment.  The most important part of a nutritional challenge is that you continue to build on what you have learned over the past 30 days.  Paleo is a lifestyle and hopefully you all will stick with it and keep making progress towards your ultimate goal.  Please save your pre and post results from the body fat testing and hand them in on Monday.  More info to come!!


When parking at the new place please do not park in front of the door, this is reserved for coaches only and I don’t want to block our neighbors entrance.  Parking is available on both sides of the building as well as across the street.  Thank you.



Coaches Choice


Clean & Jerk


Coaches Notes:  Keep the pace fast on these sets.  You can drop between reps, but try to keep them under 5-10 seconds.  Build to a 3 RM, and rest about 90 seconds between sets.


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