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Wow! Congratulations to all who competed at CrossFit Barbending yesterday! It was an awesome sight, and truly an honor to be in the presence of you all. Lots of cool stuff happened yesterday including, podium finishes as well as it being the first time some CFH athletes competed! And a big thanks to Kaitlin Hamilton for managing the CFH Instagram page and documenting all this good stuff!

Congratulations to Davi “Seeta” The Boss, The Glove, Taylor D1 Athlete (1st CF Comp), Coach Craig, Coach Brittany, Coach Rob, and Kara for participating and competing in their first CrossFit Competition. (Sorry if I missed you, thought the rest of crew were vets)

Congratulations to Miriam for finishing 3rd in the Women’s RXd division.

Congratulations to Annamarie for finishing 3rd in her division as well as it being her very first competition. Look out future!

Congratulations to Joey aka “Little Buddy” aka “The D” for finishing 3rd in the Male’s RXd division.


Congratulations to Carl aka “Take your shirt off” for finishing 1st in the Male’s RXd division.


10 minute AMRAP

P1: 10-12 Double KB Front Rack Lunges #53/35

P2: Max Burpees

P1 performs 10-12 DBL KB FR Lunges while P2 performs max burpees. After the athlete completes the lunges, partners then switch.

Stimulus: 12-15 total rounds as a team. Kettlebells should not fatigue you to the point where you have to drop. 


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