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Schedule Update!!  Wednesday’s 6:30pm class is cancelled due the Paleo lecture given by Geoff Else from GNC!!  I recommend everyone come out for this in support of the challenge.  Whether your doing the challenge to lean out, increase your performance, or simply change your lifestyle through diet, there’s something for everyone at this lecture.


We will be changing merchant services and launching a new program called Wod Hopper tomorrow.  What does this mean for you?  Throughout this week you might be asked to fill out some new information regarding your membership.  This is a much better program and will allow us to offer you a better service.  I ask for your patience throughout the week while we set this up and get it running.  Here is a link to WOD HOPPER.



3 Lap Run

10 Groiners

10 V-sit to roll outs

20 Bow and Bends

20 walking lunges with torso twist

3 X 10 RDL’s with Empty Bar



Deadlift 10.8,6,4,2 (AHAP)

** Rest 2 minutes between sets.


400 Meter Run

** Rest 90 Seconds X 5 Sets

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