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Congratulations to Greg, Dawn, and Coach Nick for

their amazing performances this past weekend at

CrossFit OTG.  I just want to say that I could not be

more proud of our athletes.  The focus and the way

they competed for all 6 events and never let up was

truly inspiring.  Thank you for representing CFH

guys great job!!!

CFH Challenge!!  Final scores and winners

announced at the end of the week!!  Make sure

everyone has completed Cindy by Friday.

300 Meter Row

20 Push Press #135 #95

300 Meter Row

15 Push Press

300 Meter Row

10 Push Press

300 Meter Row

5 Push Press

  1. Danielle Reply
    You guys are awesome! Margo said that you all really stood out and ROCKED those WODs. Way to represent CFH! Congrats!
  2. Jay Jairdullo Reply
    Any CFHers plan on heading to Carson, Ca 7/13-7/15 as spectators?
    • Barry Reply
      Thinking about it Jay. I will keep you posted as we get closer.
  3. Dawn Reply
    no Jay, the question should be how many people plan to head to Carson as participants?!!!! Now we're talkin.
  4. carl Reply
    I'll go if I get a seat on CF Primeval's private jet.
  5. Nick Reply
    Big thanks to Dave and Margo for their support on Saturday and to everyone who wished us luck and sent good vibes our way! The competition was a great experience. If anyone's thinking of entering one, go for it. Also, could we BE wearing any more CFH gear?
  6. Jay Reply
    @Barry...let me know...I booked a room...just waiting for my wife to decide if she is coming to book the flight... @Dawn...I figured Dave would be in charge of the competitors and I would take care of the cheering section... are the co-pilot
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