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Schedule Update!!  The gym will be closed Monday and Tuesday, and were hoping to reopen on Wednesday at the new gym.  If anyone has any questions about the move or would like to help please post to the comments section below or our unofficial facebook page. 



  1. Danielle Reply
    Very exciting coach!! Good luck with the move. Declan and I will hopefully see you soon. There is a baby section at the new gym, right !? Can't wait to see the new box !
  2. Clarence Smith Reply
    I can help during morning class hours on Monday and Tuesdays. Hit me up if you need me.
  3. Carl Reply
    my schedule is flexible. let me know if/when I can help.
  4. Lora Reply
    I'm free after school today (3:30-6) if you need a helper. Joey and Dave should have my number, text me if I can help.

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