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Here is the second posting in regards to nutrition, training and lifestyle for a few members at CFH. Today we will take a look at Miriam! Miriam is an athlete who is at an ideal BF% already and specifically trains for performance up to 6 days a week. She also wakes up at 4:30 everyday for work.

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Similar to Dawn’s diet, Miriam uses high quality fats for more calorie consumption, as well as to support her training volume of 6 days a week.  Miriam’s carbohydrate intake is also higher in order to aid in recovery and performance.  Miriam introduces and includes extra carbs like sweet potatoes and fruit for breakfast and dinner on training days. On non-training days, she replaces the above (SP and Fruit) with quality vegetables. This template can be used for an athlete who trains with less volume, and has goals to lower BF% and increase body composition.

Traning Days:
I am up @ 4:30 so…
5 AM
coffee w/ heavy cream
2 eggs
3 slices bacon
sweet potato
green vegetable, mushrooms & onions (cooked in bacon grease)
2 slices of turkey or jerky
coconut butter
fruit or homemade muffin
6oz.-8oz protein (chicken cakes, pulled pork, tuna salad or homemade beef burger)
full fat yogurt and strawberries
jerky or tuna
banana or apple
4oz-6oz protein
sweet potato
Non-Training Days:
My meals pretty much stay the same except I decrease my carb intake and up the amount of fat that I eat. So instead of sweet potato for breakfast I will have avocado. I will also eliminate fruit from my mid day snack–sticking w/ protein and fat. Lunch is the same as a training day and I do not have a carb in the form of fruit or sweet potato passed this meal. Dinner remains the same just w/out sweet potato.

Warm-up: Squat Therapy!

Strength: Please record results for necessary use two weeks from now

Front Squat

Build to a 2 rep max, then calculate 80% of the 2 rm and hit 5 additional sets.

Immediately after, find your 10 rep max front squat. This is to be done in one shot.


5 rounds NFT (not for time)

10 Good Mornings

20 Abmat Sit-ups OR 10 GHD Sit-ups**

**Proficiency in this movement is necessary and needed for those who want to sub GHD Sit-ups


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