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New Years Eve: 
9:30 class is on & open gym from 12-3. Looking to shut down the gym at 3, so please get in by 2:15
New Years Day:

Team WOD:

In Teams of 2, complete:

1k Row

50 Thrusters #75/55

800m Row

50 Thrusters

600m Row

50 Thrusters

400m Row

50 Thrusters 

200m Row

50 Thrusters 

-Switch back and forth with partner until the work is complete. The above is the total amount of work needed to be completed.

-Teammates can row no more than 200m at once!

-Thrusters can be completed in any way. IE: Teammate 1 does all 25 at once, then Teammate 2 finishes the rest of the 25 at once.

-The goal is to move with little to no breaks between transitions.

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