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Nutritional Challenge starts Jan. 5th.



Everyone knows just how important hydration is to essential metabolic processes, but just how important is hydration to performance athletes?  Think on this:
  • At just 1% dehydration, you are looking at a performance hit of up to 10-12%.  For a 75kg athlete, this is a 750mL loss.
  • 2% dehydration have affect short/long term memory and slow reaction times
  • Increased protein intake (remember last week? ) requires an increased need for hydration for both metabolism and clearance of ammonia/BUN.
What about “drinking to thirst”?  Thirst is a symptom of dehydration, and a survival mechanism; when this kicks in we are already at about 2% dehydration.
Does food play a role in hydration?  Yes, most definitely: 20-25% of our water intake comes from whole food.  Add these water & nutrient dense food to your intake:
  • Celery: 96% water; contains Na, K, Mg, Ph, Fe, Zn
  • Watermelon 95% water; contains vitamin C (high in fructose, keep it PWO!)
  • Bell Peppers, 92% water, contains vitamin C
  • Cucumber: 95% water, contains Ca, Mg, K
  • Cantaloupe: 90% water, contains K
Drink H2O frequently, and often; ½ BW in ounces daily.(165lbs=90oz=2655mL).  Track your own intake, see where you are at, and add nutrient dense, high-water content whole foods for optimal performance.




A1.  20 Minutes EMOM

5 Back Squats @ 75% (Odd)

200 Meter Run  (Even)

A2.  5 Minutes OTM

6 Push Press AHAP


100 Sit-ups

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