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Awesome time on Saturday. CFH can throw down! Well done! Thanks again to the party heads & bosses Alison and Karin and those who helped set up on Saturday, Lindsay W., Jane, Katye, Annamarie, and Kaitlin! (Sorry if I missed you)

Reminders for this week:

Pick up chairs/tables.

Thursday will be the last day and the end of the “Squat” (Back Squat & Front Squat) Series that we have been doing for the month of December. So, if you have been consistent with that series, make sure you attend.

On Friday, we will be running. Please dress for the occasion and do not cherry pick! 😀

WOD for 12/16/13

You go, I go (partner)

5 min. AMRAP

2x Squat Cleans #185/125

(You do 2 reps, your partner does 2 reps, repeat for 5 min.)

2 minute rest

5 min. AMRAP

5x Shoulder to Overhead #185/125

(You do 5 reps, your partner does 5 reps, repeat for 5 min.)

2 minute rest

7x Burpees

(You do 7 reps, your partner does 7 reps, repeat for 5 min.)

*The only rest that should occur is when your partner is going AND during the prescribed rest periods.

*If you are not using the same weight as your partner, you can have two separate barbells.

*Choose a weight that you can go unbroken with as well as sustain over 5 minutes.


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