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Christmas Party this Saturday, December 14th at 7:30pm. Food will be provided! Please bring alcohol of your choice and an appetizer/dessert!

Leslie’s Food Journal: 
 For the most part, I am satisfied with both my body weight and body fat percentage; because of my height and build, I know when I have put on weight or gotten a little soft. That happens almost never, though, due to my commitment to eating a mostly Paleo diet and incorporating Crossfit workouts into my already active lifestyle. In addition to Crossfit, I teach yoga, Pilates and spin classes (8 classes/week) and try to get to Rosedale Park for 5 mile trail walks twice a week. Also, I eat pretty much the same every day-the difference I try to make on heavily active days, is to eat more and drink more water.
Cheating? I don’t plan to do this, but if I have an opportunity to have a DeLorenzo’s pizza, I embrace it! The next morning, I am back on track and I honestly think it’s good for my commitment to have these occasional treats. 
What makes my diet NOT 100% Paleo: I do eat dairy because at my age (55) I need more calcium and I know that the best absorption of calcium comes from nutrition, so I go for quality dairy products and shoot for 1000 mg./day; I do drink wine-not every night, but maybe three times/week, a total of 6 glasses/week.
 Every day:
begins with a tall glass of warm water and the juice of one whole organic lemon
1-2 cups of coffee, black or occasionally with coconut milk
banana, cup of berries, or citrus sections
On days when I do a 9:30 WOD, this is it until after the workout
On days when I do a 12:00 WOD, I eat no later than 10:45:
Brunch or lunch:
Large mixed vegetable salad with hard boiled eggs and/or feta cheese, dressed with olive oil or homemade avocado dressing
2-3 egg omelet with any veggies left over from the previous night’s dinner
The above is pretty much my go to depending on when I work out.
Mid afternoon:
homemade Paleo crunch or handful of raw almonds OR
1/2 apple with almond butter OR
homemade turkey jerky OR
baby carrots with either homemade Paleo dressing or almond butter
Late afternoon:
Coffee or another piece of fruit
Lean protein, usually grilled: marinated chicken, fish, seafood or beef OR
1/4 organic chicken, roasted with garlic and rosemary
sautéed broccoli rate, spinach, or kale with garlic and olive oil-sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
1/2 roasted sweet potato OR roasted butternut squash
Mid Evening:
handful of homemade Paleo crunch, raw almonds mixed with dried fruit, or 1/2 apple with almond butter
Throughout the day I drink lots of water-with every meal, during and after workouts


1k Row Buy In (or run in the snow) 😀



Power Clean (PCL) #185/125

Kettlebell Swing (KBS) #72/#53

-When choosing weight, you should be able to get the round of 21 PCLs done in 2-3 sets. Also, you should be able to go unbroken on the KBS.

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