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Amrap 7 minutes.


7 Deadlift #275 #205



  1. Timmy Reply
    Things I learned this morning: 1. a 7 minute AMRAP does indeed take 7 minutes 2. There is a museum dedicated to the Kholer Toilet 3. Stretch has been accused of being many things but never tough 4. an Arabian Knight may or may not be on his way to the garden state 5. bad driving may run in the Ohr family 5. even a 7 minute AMRAP sucks the life out of you
  2. Jay Reply
    Tomorrow's lesson: How to count past 5...sorry Timmy I couldn't resist...any rebuttal is acceptable...including telling me to go f*** myself...
  3. Dawn Reply
    just a couple of days left to register for the McGuire mud run! Look for Crossfit Hamilton team, 10 am heat.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Awesome catch Jay..nobody said Timmy could count. And the Kohler museum is cool. If anybody Arabian asks for Stretch tell him, you think Stretch moved to the Galapagos Islands to study Botany
  5. Barry Reply
    Two things: A. Apparently I missed a lot this morning, and 2. Timmy needs a tutor.
  6. Timmy Reply
    I got nothin! Doah!
  7. Tripp Reply
    You know it is funny....It is 12:00am in Korea and my buddy and I roll back to our apartment and we see three Korean girls from the University across way infront of our building completely crushing double unders. They are totally in Korean national sweatgear...sponsored by Nike. I am 100 percent sure this one girl did double unders for 6 straight minutes. I gave her a high five and walked in. Korea vs. CFH?
  8. tights Reply
    Tripster - love the fact that you're teaching English over there! Good thing those girls wore Korean National sweats, you might not have recognized them as locals.
  9. Greg P Reply
    I hate rest days, and I love deadlifts. So yea, taking today off sucked. So you guys bright and early tomorrow.
  10. Greg P Reply
    * "SEE you guys..." Damn English language.
  11. Bryan Reply
    Me fail English? That's unpossible!
  12. T to the Know Reply
    @Tripp- Did you happen to catch that same batch of Korean youth practicing massage as well?

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