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11/7/13 and Knuckles showing you some proper ERG Etiquette BRO!!!!!

In order to maximize space and to keep the gym neat and tidy, we thought it would be cool to film the good vs. bad when it comes to taking care of the photo-15rowers! Hopefully everyone has had the chance to use the new ones! 

***Two heats on November 16: 9 and 930am. A heat sheet will be going out soon.

November 16: “Barbells for Boobs” : Save a Pair. Save a Life. (Click the Link for more information) @CFH

-Go to website above.
-Search for our team: CrossFit Hamilton: Swing, Pull, Clean, and Press to Save a Breast!
-Join our team
-WOD (Helen meets Grace) 

You can donate directly here: Donation page without having to create an account. 

Don’t forget about the CFH Christmas Party on December 14. More information to come. 


Take about 10 minutes to build to 80% of your 1rm Snatch.


EMOM x 20 minutes

1 Snatch @ 80%

***The goal of this is to move really efficiently and effectively at a relatively high %.

-No failed reps
-Set-up perfect
-Full hip extension during the pull
-Finish with weight in the heels
-Bar directly overhead


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