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The gym will be open at 8am on Saturday, November 16th. Barbells for Boobs will begin at 9am and the second heat will go off at 9:30am. The times aforementioned are the start times, not the warmup times. Come on in early and get an adequate warmup prior to the start. Good luck to all! Let me know if you have any questions prior to Saturday!


15 min. AMRAP

5 Power Snatches #135/95

10 Box Jumps #30/24

15 Ball Slams #20/10

-At the start of 3-2-1 GO (0 minute mark), Athletes will row 500m. Upon completion of the row, they will start the above AMRAP. At exactly 5 mins. on the clock, athletes will stop AMRAP and row 300m. Upon completion, they will continue where they left off on AMRAP. At exactly 10mins. on the clock, athletes will row 100m. Upon completion, they will finish the AMRAP.

Fast is the intended stimulus meant for the rows! Meaning, don’t use it as a “rest!!” This should be 5-7 seconds off your sprint 500m times. 

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