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Team CrossFit Hamilton: Swing, Pull, Clean and Press to Save a Breast has raised over $4,400. We are currently ranked 109 out of 861. This is incredible and a true testament to our great community at CFH. Please keep up the good work. Let’s try to get in the top 100!!!

The heats are posted, please see the link via Facebook. The heats will go down at 9 and 9:30am. 

Barry POSTED an order sheet for Perfect Food Bars and Primal Pacs. If you are not on Facebook let us know when you come in for your next WOD! 

Ladies Night Out!!! This Saturday!!! See Linda if you have any questions!! A big HELL YEAH for the ladies! keep_calm_it__s_ladies_night_by_coco1994-d3i5ftq


Banded should mobility


Push Jerk: Build to a heavy 5 reps in 12 minutes.



Death by Burpees

Complete one Burpee on the start of the first minute, two Burpees on the second minute, three Burpees on the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete Burpees for the number of minutes on the timer.


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