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Preparation is key.  I made this in less then an hour

 last night for today and thought it would be cool to

 post for you guys.  Preparing meals allows me to

maximize my time and make sure I’m getting the

 nutrition I need.  This will make 4 small meals

throughout the day from 6am – 3pm.  I try to keep

 things on the paleo side at all times and it’s by no

means the perfect way to eat this just works for me.


12-scrambled eggs with olive oil on top.

2- bell peppers

2- cups berries

2- cups asparagus in olive oil

15-20- oz of chicken and sausage

nuts and seeds and cashew butter are included


A1.  50 meter yoke carry:  10 minutes to establish max


weight for a 50 meter yoke carry.


A2.  3 rounds for time:


10 Front Squats #185 #135


5 Pull-up to monkey maker


20 KBS #53 #35


  1. carl Reply
    Nice, Coach. good idea, good food. I would have to try hard not to o.d. on the cash. b. but it's all stuff I like.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Looks awesome coach !!! Hey Tabata, let me know the day of the Member/Guest. I'm still hurting from yesterday's WOD, hope everyone has a good day
  3. Dawn Reply
    Good to work out with morning crew this morning, though it was missing some or most of its' regulars. Alas, Stretch remains elusive to us nite crew members. Who is this guy? Is he real? Or just a figment of the morning crew's imagination? Maybe he got word that some of the nite crew was going to make an appearance and was afraid?
  4. Danielle Reply
    I think you're right Dawn, perhaps some of the morning crew got wind of the Evening Crew's 6am-Ambush... It was a great way to start the day, I have to admit. It seems those morning crewers are on to something! Have a good day everyone!! PS- Coach, you are so right on the preparation being key. Sometimes Matt and I will fire up the grill at like 11pm when we realize we have no lunch for the next day. Our neighbors love it. PS- we should all by stock in Tupperware...our dishwasher looks like a Tupperware storage facility by the end of the day.
  5. Stretch Reply
    No...i missed invasion of the nite club!!! Wednesday is my off day, usually, and i think Tights has some type of "business meeting", yeah right. Timmy i think is giving HJs at the shore. Dawn..i am afraid, we are like the dysfunctional part of CFH, only allowed in prior to 7am. Before the real crossfitters come in. Stop by again in the morning, looking forward to finally meeting the CFH nite club and getting whipped.
  6. carl Reply
    Dawn. be careful what you wish for.
  7. Nick Reply
    Hey Everyone- super short notice, but Chris is leaving for Alaska this weekend, so we’re going to have a get together back at the hacienda (thats spanish for house) after the 5:30 WOD tonight. We’ll fire up the grill, crack open some beers and send him off CFH style!
  8. Nick Reply
    Email Nicholas.LaRocca (at) yahoo (dot) com for address.
  9. Rich Reply
    God Speed!, Chris. I hope your time in Alaska goes well. I have to put in a late night at the Philly office so I won't be able to make it tonight. Best wishes.
  10. tights Reply
    Chris - tear it up in AK. Anchorage is a great little city! Fairbanks though = COLD!!!!! Professor - I left me biz card with MY email at the box. Forgot to give it to you yesterday. As for the invasion this AM, still not sure what happened. Left my house at 5:50AM and arrived at the box it was 6PM....halfway through my WOD, all I hear is a bunch of unfamiliar voices yelling, "Time!", "Time!, "Time!".... I was only in the middle of Round 2. Great work nite crew!!
  11. Timmy Reply
    What's a pull up monkey maker?
  12. carl Reply
    Chris. good luck in the Great White North. won't be able to make it tonight. timmy. I thought you invented that move.
  13. Chris Reply
    Thanks every one! All the help I got from every one has been amazing! I'm glad I got introduced to crossfit at such an awesome place! And I hope to keep on the crossfit while I'm up there!
  14. donk Reply
    Good luck up there Chris. Wish we could make it to the party but we're on vacation. Send CFH pictures of you crossfitting on the frozen tundra.
  15. Brett Reply
    Chris, Be careful...dont poke the bear!
  16. Jen Reply
    Chris - I had no idea you were going to Alaska! Be safe and be sure to let us know how you are doing.

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