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Barbells for Boobs is a little less than three weeks away and our team has already raised over $2,000 !!

You still have time to pick a workout partner and then sign up on the google doc below. We can figure out the two heats once we know everyone that is participating.

Google Doc for Partners


10 minute cap:

1k Row

50m Burpee Broad Jump*

25 Handstand Push-ups

Max CTB Pull-ups in remaining time

Advanced: Max Muscle Ups in remaining time.

*50m is 2x length of the gym (from bay door to opposite wall and back)

Accessory Work:

11 min. EMOM

Min 1: Max Hand Stand Hold (Free or using Wall)

Min 2: Max Hollow Hold

Min 3: Max Plank Hold (High or Low)

Min 4: Rest

Repeat x 3

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