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***Progenex is in, please bring in payment if you have not yet.

November 16: “Barbells for Boobs” : Save a Pair. Save a Life. (Click the Link for more information) @CFH

-Go to website above.
-Search for our team: CrossFit Hamilton: Swing, Pull, Clean, and Press to Save a Breast!
-Join our team
-WOD (Helen meets Grace) 

You can donate directly here: Donation page without having to create an account. 

A1: Work Clean and Jerk technique with less than 50% of your 1rm.

*Use this as a warm-up as well as a mechanics and consistency builder for tomorrows 1RM C&J.



Muscle ups **

Front Squats

**Follow same progression as yesterday.

-If you are close, do double the number of muscle up transitions plus a dip (18-14-10)

-If you are not very close, do pull and push (coaches discretion)

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