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***Progenex is in, please bring in payment if you have not yet.

November 16: “Barbells for Boobs” : Save a Pair. Save a Life. (Click the Link for more information) @CFH

-Go to website above.
-Search for our team: CrossFit Hamilton: Swing, Pull, Clean, and Press to Save a Breast!
-Join our team
-WOD (Helen meets Grace) 

You can donate directly here: Donation page without having to create an account. 


Run 800m then:


Overhead Squat x 12 #155/105

Push Jerk x 10

Post WOD:

-If you have muscle ups: work on muscle up transitions (see video)


-If you are very close to having muscle ups: same as above

-If you are striving to get a muscle up but still are not very close, complete:


6-10 Hand Release Push-ups or Ring Push-ups or Ring Dips or Ring Dip Negatives AND

5-7 Strict Pull-ups

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