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Barbells for Boobs will be held at CFH on Saturday, October 18th. Let us know if you still need a partner! Everyone should participate!!

Group Warm-up: 9am

Athletes begin: 9:30am

*If we have to go in heats, that is okay. We will manage, cheer, encourage, inspire!


How to properly Clean a Kettlebell to shoulder in order to squat it.

How to choose a proper weight based on distance within the gym to determine best use for the 400m farmer carry.


400m 1 Arm Farmers Carry #70/53

W/ each break (lowering of KB to ground and taking a rest) or switching of hands, place KB on the ground (where you stopped) and run 400m then perform 10 Goblet Squats with Kettlebell. Upon completion of squats, continue on with 400m farmer carry.

Continue for as long as it takes to complete the total Farmer Carry distance.

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