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This piece is from an article written by a veteran and CrossFit OG, Pat Sherwood. Let this sink in because often times (myself included), I feel as if we can lose touch with reality and the beauty of life due to our passion for CrossFit. Be sure to enjoy yourself.

“If I were presented only the following two options, my 
choice would be easy.

1. Live to be 100 and perfectly functional but never 
deviate from eating 100 percent clean, getting eight 
hours of REM sleep and avoiding risk at all cost.

2. Live to 75 while striking a balance between work and 
play, risk and reward, and eating clean and binging 
on junk food.

Give me Option 2, please


But life is not only about Fran PRs and looking great naked. 

Life is also about being out at the restaurant or bar with 
great friends much later than you should be, laughing 
loudly, and consuming food and drink that was not chosen 
for its nutritional value.”

Read the full article here: “Live Like You’re Going to Die.” 


Run 800m x 6 intervals

Rest 3 minutes after each run.

*The 800m is not a 100% sprint, but rather should be based off of your mile time.


30 HSPU for Time

*If you do not have HSPU, ask coach for scaling and help with technique.

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