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Color of sweatshirt

Color of sweatshirt


*Sweat shirt order! Instructions:

Step 1: Try on sample size at the gym

Step 2: Remember your size (Don’t send to coach/FB/etc)

Step 3: Record size once Google Doc opens (this will be announced)

Step 4: Check final proof and design of sweatshirt and give the “good to go” if you want one

*We are only doing a group preorder on sweatshirts. There will most likely not be any in stock at CFH.

*Please thank @CarlAppel 

***Friday 6pm Class returns for the entire month of January. Please sign up on WodHopper beginning tomorrow.


A) 20 Minutes to Establish 5 rep max Back Squat

B) 15 Minutes to Establish 5 rep max Push Press (from rack)

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